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Vector what!?

Your Designer is not trying to confuse you on purpose, they are just unaware that they design-speak all over the shop. But do not fear, I am here! Today we look at vectors and pixels. What on earth are they, why does your Designer keep asking for a vector version of your logo and why do they cry a little when you send them a png file?

Vectors vs Pixels

Images are made up of building blocks, either pixels (which are squares) or vectors (which are points). An image made up of pixels can not be enlarged past a certain point as the image will start to become blurry (which is called pixelated).

Vectors can be scaled limitlessly. You can make one vector file small enough to go on a business card or large enough to fill a billboard. Logos, icons and illustrations are perfect as vector files. In this format they can be easily edited by your Designer. These files can be identified by the letters at the end of the file name. You are looking for a .ai or a .eps file. Sometimes .pdf files are vector files.

If you send a logo to your Designer as a low resolution pixel file then you may well experience a moody Designer. Especially if you are asking them to remove the background or recolour your logo! Pixel files are not versatile in the same way that a vector file is.

So are pixels the enemy? Not at all! Photography is perfect in pixel format. Pixel files are recognised by these letters at the end of the file name; .png or .jpg.

You may find that your Designer requests a ‘higher resolution version’ of the photograph that you want included in your project. This means that what you have supplied is looking pixelated when it is placed into the design. High resolution files are bigger than low resolution files, so look out for a large file size. You may want to use the free file transfer service This will help you to get that bulky file over to your Designer.

I hope this has been helpful! If you would like any help with your next project, whether it’s a logo, website, or luxury holiday catalogue (that requires us to go and try out said locations) we are your Designers! We love design, we love a challenge, but most of all we love our clients.