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Tools of the trade

Your Designer is likely to be a computer program snob. If you want to see them pull a face, then suggest that they design your next project using a Microsoft programme. The programmes that they will be regularly using are Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

I met my Luna colleague, Emily, when we worked together a number of years ago. I was still a young Designer and had a few bad habits. My worst habit was that I was scared of InDesign, and therefore designed everything in Illustrator. When she caught me, she pulled a face! I can still hear her words echoing in my head ‘Illustrator is for illustrating, Photoshop is for editing photos, and InDesign is for designing’. She was right! I have since been liberated into the beautiful land of InDesign.

It is useful to know a little bit about the programs that your Designer will be using, so that you know what to expect from any raw files that they provide you with. If your design project is a brochure then your Designer will be using InDesign. If your project is logo design, then your Designer will be using Illustrator.

Imagine you have just completed a logo design project with your Designer. You love it and your Designer is feeling a bit smug. Before you draw this wonderful project to a close, your Designer will hopefully send you across various versions of your logo. The one that you particularly want is the Illustrator file. This is recognised by the letters at the end of the file name, you are looking for an .eps or an .ai file. With this file in your hands everything is possible, the world is your oyster! This is the raw building block that you will need to build future projects. Do not let that file out of your sight!

I hope this was helpful. Here at Luna, we love to give our clients our very best. If you would like any help with your next project do give us a shout!