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You have a presentation coming up. You have written great content, but you know that this is not enough, you now need to create a PowerPoint presentation that excites and engages your audience. You’re a little nervous, but you don’t need to be! Here are our top tips:

  • If you have an in-house design team, ask for their advice – they love that! If they don’t seem keen, then innocently add that you’re thinking of using Comic Sans and ClipArt. You may find they respond quicker! Often brands have a bank of assets that they can share with you; ready-made icons, an image library, and sometimes even a PowerPoint template that you can use.
  • Ask to have a look at your brand guidelines. You will gain brownie points with your design team, but more importantly it will inspire you and help you to create a streamlined and on-brand presentation.
  • Don’t overload your presentation – less is more! Cut down your copy, and then cut it down again. Remember what you’re like when you scroll through Facebook and Instagram – your attention is captured by a great photo first, and then you read the copy, but not if it’s intimidatingly long. So, where possible, follow this rule in your slides – one large and engaging image, a punchy and powerful title, followed by a short paragraph.
  • Do not attempt to create a PowerPoint presentation on a Friday afternoon, unless you have a large slice of carrot cake and a coffee to hand. We know that PowerPoint can be irritating to use so patience is key – don’t attempt if you’re already dreaming about the weekend

And voila! By mixing patience, passion and cake you will produce a beautiful presentation that will rock the socks off your audience!

Here at Luna we can bring any unruly presentations back into fine fettle. Do get in touch if you would like some help!

We hope that you have found this article useful, and we would love to hear your thoughts.