In 2019 The Federation of International Cricketer’s Association (FICA) gave Luna the opportunity to design their pioneering Women’s Global Employment Report.

This report is the first of its kind to be undertaken in the game, and it has provided valuable insight into the realities of the development of professional women’s cricket. We recognised the importance of developing an identity that was bold in style to honour the bold and honest quotes from the cricketers.

We have been working with FICA since 2016 to develop their visual identity, to ensure that they standout in the world of profession sport. It has been an exciting journey and this report is a great example of their striking yet sophisticated style.

The graphics within the report were adapted for use on social media platforms. This was an effective way of promoting the research findings to a worldwide audience.

We used infographics to communicate the report outcomes. Our brief included interpreting the data provided to us, and then finding the best way to visually present the key information. Our infographics included pie charts, bar graphs, and other creative solutions to convey complex data.