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Although every project is different, we have a refined four step process that each one follows. Communication for us is key in reaching great results, so we’ll keep you informed every step of the way right through to the launch of your project, and we’ll continue to support you after your project has gone live too!

Communication and the initial brief
Step 1 – How we work – Communication design – Luna Studio Ltd

This is the vital foundation for a successful project. We want to create an outcome that fulfils your requirements and is appropriate for your business. We need to know you, your business, your vision, and your idea.

Initial concepts
Step 2 – How we work – Communication design – Luna Studio Ltd

Next, we will research and brainstorm in the studio, before putting together some initial concepts. We will share our findings with you, and the reasoning behind our recommendations. It is important to us that you understand our thinking and creativity – we want you to be part of the process.

The development stage
Step 3 – How we work – Communication design – Luna Studio Ltd

This is where your chosen concept is brought to life. We’ll develop the agreed direction, keeping you informed as we do, until you are happy with the final solution. Your feedback is important to us and is a key part of this stage. Once we have your final approval, we can then proceed to the final step.

The final solution
Step 4 – How we work – Communication design – Luna Studio Ltd

Now that we have a product that you are pleased with, we want to ensure that every last detail is finalised well. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are happy with the work that we produce for you and, just as importantly, that the final solution produces the results that you need.

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